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ZON EN ENERGIE: NUTTIGE INFORMATIE   Onze sympatizant Onrenewables, specialist in zonnepanelen en


Onze sympatizant Onrenewables, specialist in zonnepanelen en fotovoltaic instalaties geeft vrijblijvend prijs voor privaat of voor commerciële installaties

Self-consumption, exempt from processing access and connection permits

This is one of the proposals of the draft Royal Decree that will regulate the new access and connection permits for renewable plants, a rule for which the Ministry for the Ecological Transition has opened the public information period until July 29.

The Ministry for the Ecological Transition (MITECO) has opened, from last Friday until July 29, the public information period of the Royal Decree project that will establish the new process for granting access and connection permits to networks transmission and distribution of electrical energy.

The new draft of the Royal Decree exempts from processing the permits for access and connection to self-consumption facilities without surpluses and those with surpluses of less than 15 kW, in accordance with the regulation established in Royal Decree-Law 15/2018.

Consumption facilities up to 100 kW in low voltage and 250 kW in high voltage are also exempted from this procedure, if they are built on urbanized land and if, prior to the need for electricity supply, they have the provisions and services required by urban legislation.

For the rest of the facilities, the new draft Royal Decree sets specific deadlines for both the applicants and the owners and managers of the networks, which depend on the voltage level of the point of the network for which access and connection are requested. However, and in order to speed up the process for obtaining permits, in the case of consumers and generators of small power (less than 15 kW) it is planned to apply a simplified procedure in which times are reduced by half.

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