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What is going on in Catalunya?

And the people spoke. And, as predicted, it is unclear what they said. Catalans voted on Sept. 27th their new regional government. Here, no suprises. The winners are who they were and probably (still unclear though) the President will be who he was, Artur Mas. Until here, everything normal as in any normal regional election in any of the 17 Comunidades Autónomas that form the Spanish state. However, this election was special because some parties had warned everyone that Catalans were voting a plebiscite for independence. As it happens often in politics, things are confusing. Let’s try to shed some light over the darkness. Why Catalans want to go? Little background History has different ways

Successierechten regulieren

De wetten in Spanje die successierechten voor ingezetenen en niet-ingezetenen regulieren, verschilden van elkaar, waarbij de niet-ingezetenen hoge successierechten betaalden. In September 2014 was er een uitspraak in het Europees Hof van Justitie waarbij de Spaanse successierechten discriminerend en tegen het EU verdrag verklaard werden. Als gevolg daarvan kan een niet-ingezetene die successierechten heeft betaald in de laatste jaren*een klacht indienen en hun belastingen grotendeels terugvorderen met een gemiddelde interest van 22%. Echter wegens de complexiteit van deze eisen wordt bijstand van profesionelen in materie Spaanse en EU wetszaken sterk aangeraden.

Europeans to get the Refund of the Spanish Inheritance Tax

In a very recent judgment (case C-127/12), the European Court of Justice (“ECJ”) has ruled that Spain has breach the European Treaty (article 63) by discriminating tax payers of other EU member states. According to Spanish Law, inheritance by close relatives of the deceased (namely, spouse and children) is not taxable in most regions or only taxed lightly due to numerous exemptions, allowances and reliefs. However, if the deceased or / and the heirs are nonresidents, all these tax reliefs are not applicable, resulting in the inheritance being fully taxed with respect of the assets of the deceased located in Spain. Since it is estimated that approximately 1.5 Million Europeans own a property

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