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After working years with Belgian people and other nationalities, we have experienced that it is not always relevant to try to integrate within the Spanish community. Foremost because of the language barrier, but also because of the Spanish 'red tape', which changes and is being modified on a regular basis. The same questions keep popping up; from that sense of service we, at the BBCCE, have decided we want to help our Belgian compatriots to make this transition as easy and smooth as possible.


Have you decided to purchase a holiday home or to pass 6 months of the year in Spain, or you want to make the 'big' move to build the rest of your live here, we are here to help you further. To show you the way, where you can get the necessary documents and advice. What are your obligations and rights. No question is too small, we are prepared to help you further, on private and business level.

We also want that the BBCCE becomes a way of meeting people in a very relaxed way, at different social and cultural events that we organise during the course of the year. Check the calendar in 'FUTURE EVENTS'. Members can also enjoy special advantages with different companies and businesses. See the 'BECOME A MEMBER' page and come to visit us back on a regular basis to find out your member advantages.



Peter Roos


Egidia Ingels


Danielle De Laet

Vanessa Van Camp


Yasmine Bernad

Vice President

Dagmar Marien

Vice President
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